Our conference facilities

Hugo Gerlach

Our largest conference hall is located in the Ehrenpohl house adjacent to our restaurant Gästis Kafé & Matsalar. It can accommodate up to 80 people and the size of the hall allows most types of seating for both large and small parties.

Hugo Gerlach was a prominent industrialist and personality in the early twentieth-century Varberg. His private palace “Gerlachska huset” was located in the middle of central Varberg and was demolished in 1977 despite massive protests from the Varbergs. Gerlach’s old dining room window can be viewed inside the entrance to Gästis Kafé & Matsalar.

U-shape style (with tables): 30 p
Classroom style: 55 p
Theatre style (no tables): 80 p
Banquet style: 50 p

Disabled accessible

sqm: 80

Otto Torell

On the top floor of Torellska huset with magnificent views of the English park (Torell’s old garden) and with a ceiling height of six meters you’ll find Otto Torell’s hall. A bronze chandelier and a Rörstrand tile stove in a national romantic style help to preserve the room’s turn-of-the-century character. Otto Torell was a world-famous polar researcher who was born and raised in the house that later became Hotell Gästis.

Boardroom style: 21 p
Classroom style: 16 p
Circle style (no tables): 20 p
Theatre style (no tables): 40 p

No elevator to this hall.

sqm: 32

Selma Lagerlöf

Selma’s hall on the ground floor of the Torell house is decorated in “Mårbacka” style with moonlight lamps, bookcases, framed book covers and an impressive long table with space for at least 16 “cavaliers”.

Boardroom style: 20 p (incl. chairman)

sqm: 30

Sigmund Freud

Our smallest conference room can accommodate 8-10 people, 1 of whom is on the divan. With period typical furniture and pictures of Sigmund and his world, it is easy to dream back to early 20th century Vienna.

Boardroom style: 9 p

sqm: 22


Sweden’s greatest author has named the hall on the first floor of the Torell house. Here, books, book covers and author portraits mingle with replicas of Strindberg’s oil paintings. The wallpaper is the same that adorned August’s study in the Blue Tower in Stockholm.

Boardroom style: 17 p (incl. chairman)
Classroom style: 12 p
Circle style (no tables): 15 p
Theatre style (no tables): 30 p

sqm: 32