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In Varberg town centre it is free* to park, but you have to have a parking sticker (P-Skiva). These are available to buy at our reception and in most shops too. Price is 20 SEK. Gästis also has a number of private parking spaces for our guests.

*Except the spaces just by the entrance to the train station, where you can park for 2 hours, but you have to pay at a parking meter.

Gästis’ private parking spaces

2. Gästis Free parking by the railway (100m from the hotel). You just need a parking permit, which you pick up from the hotel reception. Space number 16 to 25 are marked with “Hotell Gästis”.

Other parking spaces

3. Train company SJ parking lot by the railway (space number 1 to 15 right by Gästis free parking mentioned in point 2 above). These spaces are charged at 45 SEK for 24hrs and you can buy your ticket at the taxi stand right next to the parking lot.

4. Multi-storey car park “Briggen” (approx 300 spaces) is located on the other side of the railway. Free 10-hour parking between 6am-11pm. Charged parking between 23pm-6am.

5. Free four-hour parking available on the other side of the railway. For these you need a parking sticker available for purchase (20SEK) at our hotel reception.

6. Free four-hour parking by the harbour. Outside Hotel Fregatten the time limit is 24hrs.

Please note that the three spaces right outside the front door of Hotel Gästis is a loading zone during office hours. No parking allowed between 9am and 6pm!