Sons and daughters of hard labour

It is thanks to hard working people that Hotel Gästis come alive! Our staff have altogether got more than 200 working years behind them and these people are the biggest asset of Hotel Gästis.

Inge Andersson – Our head chef, completely covered in tattoos, who happily shows off his corporeal art to overwhelmed summer tourists and hardcore regulars. And he’s the best chef in town too!

Ann-Charlotte – Handles all the papers and number crunching at our hotels and before that she’s had twenty years worth of experience as the favourite receptionist.

Kevin Overby Kristensen – This Syrian massage therapist pops up in all sorts of areas of the Gästis enterprise. Takes care of the washing, logistics and cleaning, and in his spare time he likes to work out with his already bulging muscles.

Josefin Carlsson – Our veteran in the kitchen, even at her tender age of twenty two, and she’s wickedly efficient with the pots and pans. Awarded the title of Best Buddy at Gästis three years on the trot!

Gustav Erling – The calmest institution of this hotel, with the responsibility of our 13,000 books on his shoulders. When he’s not working behind the bar or in the reception with us, he’s got a cushy job as a librarian at Munkagård school.

Jonte Källqvist – As a caretaker, this man is on average given 25 post-it notes a day with things that have to be fixed urgently. He’s now responsible for two hotels, something that’s had a positive effect on his addiction to video games.

Filloreta Sherifi – Came to Sweden from Kosovo as a refugee when she was fourteen years old, was unjustly extradited when she turned twenty, but has now returned to work at Gästis and Hotel Havanna. Can turn up anywhere and everywhere!

Mikey Carlsson – Our extremely social night porter, who’s always got a kind word for everyone. When he’s not working, he travels to Nashville or all round the world to check out his main idol and friend Bonnie Tyler.

Anna-Lena Bengtsson – Gästis own prefect and logistics professor that keeps tabs on everything and everyone and all of this at the speed of light. In her rather limited spare time, she keeps up the same momentum. Has a past as a P.E. teacher and never hesitates to blow the whistle if need be.