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To be a part of a conference at Hotel Gästis in Varberg is an experience out of the ordinary. The creative atmosphere at the hotel combined with the beautiful coastal town certainly opens your mind to free thinking and new ideas!

Gästis has four conference rooms, all with their own individual style and obviously equipped with all the necessary technology.

All around the hotel there are plenty of areas for group discussions and debate.

We offer several different types of conference packages and for those who wish we can also arrange extracurricular activities. All guests that have booked a conference package are treated to complimentary admission to our magnificent Lenin Spa. A visit that definitely puts a touch of luxury to any conference!

Our conference guests are always offered bespoke menus with varying amounts of courses, everything to fit our clients’ needs and desires. Meals are served in the Gästis Dining Room.

Should you have further queries or special requirements, please contact us. We’ll do our utmost to please and more or less anything can be arranged!