What people say about Hotel Gästis

We’re very proud of the fact that we have frequently have celebrities staying with us! Please see below what some of our private guests and critics have said about our hotel.

“Gästis is an obvious choice for me.”
Jan Myrdal, author, writer and debater

“After 10 minutes at Hotel Gästis in Varberg, we’d already made our minds up – we want to be regulars here! Artful furnishings, homely atmosphere and an extraordinarily thoughtful service make D.I.’s critical test patrol melt.”
Dagens Industri, financial newspaper

“Thank you for a wonderful stay! What a hotel! 5 stars! So cosy, different, interesting, with gorgeous food and service and a wonderful reception. We’ll always want to stay here! Hope to see you soon again.”
Kim Anderzon, actress

“I’ll naturally choose Gästis the next time I’m in Varberg.”
Thage G. Peterson, former Speaker of the Swedish Parliament

“With the taste of a genius, Lasse Diding has transformed a shabby family hotel in Varberg to a place that everyone seems to love. Whatever your views are on Lenin. However much you like, or don’t like, the background music from Blå Tåget. However much the Mexican revolutionary paintings provoke you.”
Golf Digest

”Friendly Hotell Gästis is highly recommended and probably offers the best value in town in summer. Although it doesn´t look like much from the outside, inside it´s bright, clean, stylish, and colourful.”
Lonely Planet

“His hotel is so exclusively crazy, so original and so full of a special sort of kitsch, which he manages to twist into elegance, that I’d happily end my days here at the Lenin Spa.”
Gunnar Ohrlander, a.k.a. Dr Gormander (fired three times from the newspaper Aftonbladet)

“I’ll give it ten stars for the atmosphere, the staff and the smoking lounge.”
Bruno K. Öijer

“Never was so much owed by so many to so few.”
Winston Churchill

“The titles Company of the Year and also Entrepreneur of the Year in Varberg 2006 are awarded to Hotel Gästis and Lasse Diding.”
Företagarna in Varberg

“I’m astounded by the fabulous, unique and most profoundly personal interior design of Hotel Gästis.”
Björn Ranelid, author

“In the most obscure places you can find a hotel like this that you didn’t even think existed.”
Ernst Kirchsteiger, celebrity foodie & designer

“Thank you for a wonderful visit!”
Sven Wollter, actor

“What a fabulously cosy and personal hotel! Thanks for letting us stay. To top it off the buffet and the wine was top class too.”
Anna Lotta Larsson, singer and actress

“I’ll be back!”
Göran Fristorp, singer songwriter

“Thank you kindly for the hospitality, the food and lots of soul!”
Daniel Adams-Ray, rapper, singer and fashion designer

“What an experience! Spatsiba so much!”
Ulf Elving, radio presenter

“Thank you for 24 fantastic hours in a fantastic place.”
Gudrun Schyman, politician

“The best (book) hotel in the world.”
John Teorin, author

“Thank you for lovely break in the Rica, Scandic and SAS monotony. Ich komme zurück.”
Stefan Sundström, songwriter and rock artist